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Types of Data Security

By 28.9.2023No Comments

There are several types of data protection to protect sensitive information against unauthorized access. These security measures include encryption and access restrictions (both physical and digital), and more. From the global banking giants dealing with huge volumes of personal and financial information to the single-person business that keeps the contact details of its customers on phones All businesses deal with data in some manner. In this scenario it is more vital than ever to adopt proper data security measures.

Data breaches happen often, and they can cost businesses in terms of lost revenue due to disruptions to operations, incident response costs, legal fees and regulatory fines. You can safeguard your data with the help of different processes and technologies such as access controls, encryption of data and regular backups of your data.

Authentication: This method involves authenticating a user’s identity prior to giving them access to the data they require to do their job. It’s the modern-day equivalent of using something you’ve got (e.g. password, for example)) or something you are (e.g. fingerprints) to gain access to your computer or device.

Data masking scrambles the data into a format that is unreadable and only authorized viewers will be able to read it. If hackers intercept the data, they are likely to gain nothing useful. It’s also a good idea to implement solutions like encryption of files and datasets as well as tokenization, which will protect your data more by requiring specific software to open the data.