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Hybrid Board Meetings

By 26.10.2023No Comments

As the pandemic has diminished and vaccines are readily available, many organizations are reverting back to face-toface fundraising. However, the pandemic has also prompted boards to reconsider their meeting schedules to ensure that board members be connected safely and maintain momentum. Hybrid board meetings allow members of the board to be present in person while another can join remotely. This can boost engagement and reduce costs, while also providing the flexibility that modern nonprofit organizations need.

It is essential to plan and follow the best methods to ensure that your hybrid board meeting runs smoothly. Begin by defining the goals for your meeting, then determining the details of your meeting. This includes the location and the equipment required. It is recommended to choose an area that is large enough to accommodate people who are in attendance and also has the audio-visual equipment required to allow for those coming from remote locations. It is also crucial to select the appropriate virtual meeting software. The solution should be simple to use and have a high-quality feature for video conferencing. It allows participants to view each other and the meeting documents at the same time.

It is also important to share the agenda and board packets well in advance. This will help save time, as you don’t have to get in-person and distant attendees on the same page. Additionally it will allow you to keep your focus on the meeting, and make sure that all relevant topics are addressed.