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How to Use Remote Board Meeting Technology to Expand Your Board Membership

By 26.10.2023No Comments

A remote board meeting poses the board with a unique set of challenges. However, it also offers the possibility of expanding the board’s membership. The use of technology that allows board members to communicate effectively and effectively is the key to an effective remote meeting. Before the meeting gets underway ensure that everyone is familiar with their devices, microphones, and cameras. This will enable your board to concentrate on the meeting content and cut down on time wasted by technical problems.

Encourage your board members to include notes, action items, and any updates to a agenda prior to the meeting. Then, use a digital scheduling tool such as SavvyCal to determine the best time for your meeting that are suitable for all attendees. The result is shorter meetings that are more focused and tend to be less stressful.

The ability to interact with each other during meetings boosts collaboration and helps build stronger relationships. Incorporating video into your meetings can also make it easier to identify critical non-verbal signals coming from your board members. Smiles can signal enthusiasm and excitement, while an expression of frown, eyes rolling or a frowning face could signal boredom, discontent or even concern. It’s also helpful to play an introduction video prior to every remote meeting to set the mood and remind participants of what is expected of them during the call. In addition, asking for feedback at the end of each call can help to increase engagement and let your board members know that their opinions matter.