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How to Get the Best Deals With Coupons in Shopify

By 12.10.2023No Comments

Coupons: How to Get the Most Value

Coupons can be a great method to save money on the products and services that you use daily. While coupons have their benefits, it is also important to be aware of the potential drawbacks.

Coupons can be an effective method to encourage sales, especially for new product launches or promotions with the potential for a limited time. Coupons are also a great way to provide customers with a low-cost way to test your product before converting to long-term paying customers. Coupons can have negative impact on your brand’s image and result in a high rate of customer retention.

Offering a free gift along with purchases will increase the size of your order and will help to move stock that is slow moving. However, you’ll need to carefully evaluate your margins and the number of items needed to reach your minimum revenue goal prior to making this kind of promotion.

To create a coupon, navigate to the specific product on Shopify and then click on the Coupons tab. You can filter the coupons by the current pricing plans and view the coupons available for that particular product. To download a CSV of all coupons for the product, click the Generate CSV button. You can then open the file in any spreadsheet program including Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.