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Airvpn Review – A Closer Look at AirVPN

By 17.10.2023No Comments

As opposed to many VPN providers airvpn review doesn’t try to lure you in with modern web design or salesy language. Instead, it puts a clear focus on user privacy and technical transparency. This may not appeal to aesthetically-inclined customers, but it certainly shows a commitment to what matters most.

The service is powered by OpenVPN and uses an encryption of 256 bits to secure your traffic. This makes it virtually impossible for hackers to decrypt the data, and will make your data appear like an unreadable mess to anyone trying to snoop on your activities.

It also offers a variety of security options that include the kill switch and DNS leak protection. It also employs SHA256 as authentication, and AES256-GCM for encryption, making it nearly impossible to break.

One thing that distinguishes airvpn from other of its competitors is its ability to break through the Great Firewall in China. It achieves this by routing your web traffic through TCP port 443, which is commonly used to protect web traffic.

Another notable feature is its support forums that are filled with avid long-term users who can help you with your questions. It’s not as simple to use and the interface is somewhat overwhelming for novices.

The service also offers an impressive network of 246 servers, though there are only handful located in Asia and Oceania. It still delivers very competitive speeds for local connections, sacrificing only a few percent of your base speed. The only negative is that it requires users to pay with Bitcoin which eliminates all privacy and ties your identity directly to the service.